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About afgis

In 1999, the Federal Ministry of Health initiated the “Action Forum on Health Information Systems (afgis)” for a quality-assured and demand-oriented information supply for patients and consumers.

The Beginning

After an “Initiating Congress on the Action Forum to develop structures and foundations for a quality-assured, decentralized health information system” on 9 November of the same year, 130 healthcare representatives adopted a joint declaration at a subsequent conference on 15 June 2000 in Bonn. Among other things, it states the following:

"A comprehensive, high-quality and user-oriented range of health information is an important basis for an independent and responsible behaviour of individuals in dealing with health and disease. It is the prerequisite for both the exercise of their rights as patients, insured persons and consumers as well as for the genuine public participation."

The "creation and conceptual development of a continuous and structurally integrated quality assurance process for health information" has been assigned the highest priority, and "the development, testing and implementation of strategies, measures, criteria, procedures, methods and tools for quality assurance and quality management with respect to the health-related information in the new media" was identified as a key task.

The Action Forum

Right from the beginning, the Action Forum on Health Information Systems (afgis) considered itself as a quality and qualification network. The quality assurance of health information is seen as a dynamic process to be systematically organized in interaction with users.

Since the development of transparent quality criteria for online information cannot be realized as an inland solution, afgis actively participated in international conferences such as the "Workshop on Quality Criteria for Health Related Websites" in 2001 in Brussels and the "e-Health Ethics & Quality Workshop for a Multi-country Collaboration - Issues, Goals & Solutions" in Paris.

First Quality Standards and the Association

In 2001, afgis organized itself into a cooperation network to devote itself to the development of quality standards. A significant result was the so-called transparency criteria. As verifiable components, they provided the basis for a quality testing process. To operationalize the process, a database model was developed.

On 24 June 2003, afgis was established as a registered association at an inaugural meeting in Berlin. The quality assurance of online information and the awarding of a trust mark - the afgis quality logo - were declared a main focus of the association's work.

The first afgis Quality Logo

Already in the course of 2004, a quality database was being developed on behalf of afgis to store the provider-independent background information resulting from the quality testing of online resources and to be made available to the public. During the pilot phase in autumn 2004, first quality testing procedures could be performed and quality logos were awarded, the procedure becoming a standard since 2005. The afgis quality logo is awarded for one year and marks websites with high-quality health information.

Simultaneously to the development of the quality testing process, afgis was involved - in cooperation with other relevant health care actors - in the development of further standards for online information – for the sake of comprehensibility, usability and accessibility.


During workshops and meetings with experts, relevant questions of media related health information supply were discussed in a solution-oriented way: "To strengthen user competence" (2009), "How to validate medical content on the Internet" (2010), "Web 2.0: Opportunities and risks of social networks" (2010), "Web-2.0.-medical applications" (2011), "Ethics and Web 2.0" (2011) ,"Health as an Application - Medical Apps in Discussion" (2012), "Good Self-Help Websites - How Does It Work?" (2013) , "Competition - Coexistence - Cooperation / Self-help in Web 2.0"  (2012), "Quality on YouTube? Standards for Health Videos" (2016)".

The Quality Improvement of Social Networks

Through an initiative to popularize its "Rules of Partnership", the association intends to contribute to the quality improvement of social networks on the Internet.

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